Point One booth at 2019 Global EOD Symposium and ExhibitionPoint One Attends 2019 Global Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Symposium & Exhibition

Point One Attends 2019 Global Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Symposium & Exhibition

Point One had the opportunity to once again attend and participate in the 2019 Global Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Symposium & Exhibition produced by NDIA in partnership with the EOD Warrior Foundation.

Point One stood ready to explain what we have produced, how we have provided advanced training over numerous years, what we currently offer with our courses, products and services, and how we are prepared to meet EOD future requirements. Perfectly fitting this show’s theme, “Innovation for the Future”, some of Point One’s latest innovations were on display. The Digital Multimeter Trainer, a bench-top system designed to highlight best practices for digital multimeters, made its debut. Also present was our latest Disruptor Trap, the portable means to backstop all solid projectiles fired from 12-gauge disruptor systems, now with integrated wheels for ease of transport. The Disruptor Trap served double duty with one of its plates serving as a stand to showcase variety of our limpets including metal (not poured resin) copies of Soviet-era SPM (“Russian Small”) and the EFP Array. The news-headlining Houthi Limpet Mine replica was an attention-getter, the perfect example of how we quickly respond in providing extremely relevant and realistic devices for training. And with the increasingly prevalent threats on the battlefield and domestic arenas that drones present, our timely training aid, the drone with its drone-dropped munition, is but one other way we provide well-suited and customizable products for user-specified training objectives.

Among the many products we have developed, we featured several borne from specific requirements of the modern operator, such as the EOD Operator Kit, useful for EOD, public safety bomb techs and other first responders alike, or the Downrange Sampling Kit, developed to provide the user with testing and collection options in the field. Our popular Booby Trap Kit, a one-stop shop of realistic and operational booby trap devices, and our Detonator Diagnostics Trainer, are another great couple training instruments for both EOD and bomb techs. Different IED training aids available— Syrian Hope RF with PIR, a Booby-trapped AK-47 Magazine, Jug of Death examples, Afghan Pressure Cooker, along with the Improvised Recoilless Rifle and the Crush Wire training products, show that we can create just about anything, meeting the needs of operators around the world.

It was a pleasure speaking with international forces representatives and we are appreciative of the time that our warfighters afforded to us at the show. We look forward to the future… advancing capability!