About Point One

About Point One

“Train Hard—Fight Easy” describes best the passion of the operators who gave all, and of those still giving, to ensure all we stand for is not lost, not forgotten.

From the first time I heard these words, I felt compelled to live up to them, first, as an active duty operator for this great nation, and now, as a small business owner and training provider. These words define where Point One came from, who we are now, and what we work daily to provide for those we support in the fight for security and freedom.

I’ve heard many times, “those who cannot do, teach.” So true in many aspects of the world we live in! When it comes to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Special Operations, I think it’s more accurate to say, “those who cannot do it anymore, teach!” Only from experience can an organization’s personnel provide meaningful and relevant subject matter that will improve and advance an individual, team or units capability. Experience is the cornerstone of Point One and is part of everything we do.

We have grown through the strength of our own experiences and with your current challenges. We stand strong with you and take great pride in providing you and your teammates with the most advanced and diverse team of seasoned operational and technical professionals in the business. Point One’s crew will challenge you, help you find ways to solve problems and most importantly, increase your scope of experience across the operational spectrum.

The Point One team is committed to preparing and training Warfighters and First Responders for operations in challenging and dangerous environments through a unique approach, forged by members of our team that have worked to solve some of the world’s most difficult tactical, operational and strategic problems for decades. Whether you attend one of our training courses, work with us on an exercise, or join us in turning concepts into reality, you will clearly understand why our motto is advancing capability.


Bob Brush
CEO/ Founder
Master Chief EOD, USN (Retired)