Point One provides max flex and lots of options when it comes to training products. We don’t build junk. We build realistic, well engineered,and custom-built products to meet your exact requirements at a reasonable cost.

We have a large array of already designed products and kits that you can choose from or we will custom build it for your requirement.

Each and every system, kit and device is built with quality and relevance in mind. You will never receive a product from Point One that we will not stand behind.

Every item delivered will always include:

  • The highest quality and most authentic materials
  • Representative devices and training aids that simulate current real world and perceived threats
  • Actual functioning components and signals (unless purposely simulated for safety)
  • Inert markings and/or serial numbers for tracking and accountability
  • An operational guide and/or instruction card so you don’t have to guess how it works
  • An operational guarantee—If it does not operate as described or fails to operate correctly, then we will fix it or replace it.

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