DOD and USG Training

Department of Defense and U.S. Government Advanced EOD Tactical Training: Special Operations, Manual Techniques, Counter-IED, Energetics and HME, and MWD

Counter-IED (C-IED) operations and operators have changed operational environments and battlefields within the last two decades through advances in tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP). Point One designs courses to train EOD operators to conduct procedures in dismounted or special operations environments. Courses are designed from decades of Joint EOD experience. Counter-ied training will provide your team with the skills required to operate and succeed in the unique inter-agency and special operations world, and ultimately the modern battlefield.

Category A situations leave no room for error and demand a high degree of readiness to ensure mission success. Confidence and experience through training is the sole way to prepare for Category A situations. Point One instructors have pioneered techniques and equipment through years of operational and training experience that can benefit all EOD and Hostage Rescue operators who may be faced with a Category A situation. Our training is structured to teach advanced techniques and strategies as well as to provide guidance in preparing operators to quickly bring a dangerous situation to an end.

Homemade explosives (HME) have become more and more prevalent in the terrorist and criminal arsenals, both domestically and overseas. Continued training targeted towards EOD Operators, Bomb Techs and Explosive Detection Dog Handlers who will encounter these materials during their career is an absolute must in order to stay one step ahead of the threat. Fully understanding the risks and tool options are critical when improvised explosive devices (IEDs) contain HME or when EOD Operators, Bomb Techs and Explosive Detection Dog Handlers must identify or eliminate hazards associated with HME during response calls or during exploitation of a crime scene.

Point One combines energetics and HME objectives with more conventional tasks to create training opportunities that will advance capability across more conventional EOD mission sets to better handle, test, identify, neutralize, desensitize, render safe and dispose of explosive compounds used in IEDs, and to recognize and understand electronic components and circuits used to initiate IEDs. Threat assessment and situational awareness are at the forefront of this training, which affords each operator the opportunity to handle and manufacture the various types of HME used by terrorists today, and is delivered with safety and risk mitigation at the forefront through proven processes and safe practices.

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