Introducing: the Needle Dynamic Defeat Tool

With the Needle speed, power and precision…

… a little bang goes a long way.

The Needle enables a “work smarter, not harder” approach by reducing physical and explosive weight, providing the EOD Operator options and applying sound explosive application principles.

Apply speed and power to eliminate hazards on the battlefield like submunitions on the runway, bombs on the range or HME charges underground.

Use the slider application to create easy-to-place and purpose-built demo charges to eliminate a cache or bulk explosives on target.

Render safe exposed fuzes on ordnance items or precisely target a circuit component to render safe a WMD or IED.

Carry a few grams instead of a few pounds.

Two size options:

Mini Needle (30mm)

Full-size Needle (50mm)

Both sizes are offered as a six-pack or a case (24) in different configurations.

Whatever the need, the Needle will get the job done!

Needle results when used against steel

Sliders on Low Frag Training Ordnance

Needle Features:

  • Provides a container and liner for an EOD operator to pack and employ a hemi shape charge, linear shape charge, or EFP to penetrate a target in a fast and precise manner.

Needle containers and liners and parts

  • Slider containers and parts are also configurable/available.

Needle slider containers and parts

  • Aluminum rods are provided as a stand or attachment for every Hemi, LSC/slider, and EFP container.

Needle with aluminum rods attached as stand

  • Hydrogel also provided with each pack.
  • Two different packing tools are included with a 6-pack. Four sets of packing tools are included with a case. Packing tools are also sold separately or as part of the Dynamic Defeat Packing Kit (coming soon).

Needle packing tools

  • Assembly instructions/ Operation and Instruction manual included with each six-pack or case ordered.

Configurations and packs available:

Needle configurations and packs, part #s table

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