Exercise Support

Exercise Support

Point One is available to provide any level of support required to ensure exercises and drills are the most beneficial and effective as possible. Our experience level runs deep from national-level operations to field training exercises and can be brought to bare to assist any unit with all the details.

Setting up meaningful and relevant exercises are difficult and Point One is a readily available asset. Point One is a seasoned force multiplier that can help every step of the way from planning to endEx.

We provide expertise, training aids, clan labs, role players, vehicles… you name it, and we will make sure it happens.


  • Planning Support
  • Scenario Development
  • Training Devices from booby traps to INDs
  • Clan Labs with realistic simulants
  • Vehicles and Targets
  • Off-site Facilities
  • Role Players
  • Expertise, Experience and Controllers
  • Safety Analysis and Procedures
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • After Action and Recommendations Summaries

No matter what the challenge, Point One can help and provide unmatched support!

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