LE and PSBT Training

Purpose-built law enforcement and public safety bomb tech training to improve and sustain capability across the spectrum of domestic operations.

Law enforcement and public safety bomb technicians are at the tip of the spear when it comes to keeping America safe inside her borders. Constantly staying ahead of the threat is an absolute necessity. Adaptive and resilient is the only way to respond when it comes to domestic terrorism or criminals in a free society.

Category A situations leave no room for error and demand a high degree of readiness to ensure mission success. Confidence and experience through training is the sole way to prepare for Category A situations.

Point One instructors have pioneered techniques and equipment through years of operational and training experience that can benefit all bomb technicians who may be faced with a Category A situation. This training is structured to teach advanced techniques and strategies as well as to provide guidance in preparing operators to quickly bring a dangerous situation to an end.

Point One recognizes that the world has changed and law enforcement is faced with significant threats whenever special events pop up in your region. Point One Special Event Training is purpose-built to help everyone involved in the protection and security of the event deal with any threat that is presented. Practical and exercise-based Special Event Training will ensure your team is best prepared should an explosive threat occur.

Homemade explosives (HME) have become more and more prevalent in the terrorist and criminal arsenals, both domestically and overseas. Continued training targeted towards bomb techs who will encounter these materials during their career is an absolute must in order to stay one step ahead of the threat. Fully understanding the risks and tool options are critical when improvised explosive devices (IED) contain HME or when K-9 handlers or bomb technicians must identify or eliminate hazards associated with HME during response calls or during exploitation of a crime scene. Our bomb tech training affords each operator the opportunity to handle and manufacture the various types of HME used by terrorists and criminals today, and is delivered with safety and risk mitigation at the forefront through proven processes and safe practices.

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