counter-terrorism training for bomb techsCounter-Terrorism Training via Federal Funding for Bomb Techs

Counter-Terrorism Training via Federal Funding for Bomb Techs

counter-terrorism training for bomb techs

Domestic and International Counter-Terrorism Training via Federal Funding for Public Safety Bomb Technicians

It is, unfortunately, an all too common occurrence that Public Safety Bomb Technicians (PSBT) are rebuffed in their efforts to obtain training and equipment needed to safely accomplish their mission due to lack of available funding. This is precisely why the Department of Homeland Security’s preparedness grants were created. This money is available to provide domestic and international counter-terrorism training to PSBTs. In the event that an organization is too small to qualify, they may partner with other organizations at the city, county and state level to increase their requirements and eventual grant award amount. The process is not difficult but requires a couple of days of time investment to assemble the information required for submission.

It isn’t too late for submissions for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) FY 2020 Preparedness Grants. DHS has released Notices of Funding Opportunity for eight preparedness grant programs totaling $1.8 billion, which will provide funding to a broad range of public safety and private sector organizations to support disaster and crisis mitigation and management efforts, training and equipment focused on cybersecurity, soft targets and crowded places, intelligence and information sharing, and emerging threats such as domestic and international terrorism.

Applicants are encouraged to initiate and complete Standard Form 424 submission within by April 8, 2020 to allow enough time for FEMA to conduct an initial review of the application prior to the final submission deadline.

Mr. Mike Clayton’s 30-year career as a law enforcement officer, including 20 as a bomb tech, culminated with his retirement after 13 years as the Special Agent in Charge of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Special Operations Unit which includes the Bomb Disposal Unit. As the State Bomb Squad Commander and certified Tactical Bomb Technician, Mike understands the value of specialized training and equipment and of the funding required to make them both happen. From 2007 to 2019, he secured in the area of $10 million utilizing DHS preparedness grants. This money was used to provide annual training and equipment to every bomb technician across the state of Georgia. Now he is available through Point One for training, special events, and to answer questions related to funding them.

Feel free to contact us to ask Mike questions about counter-terrorism training via federal funding, the grant proposal process or how you can use these programs in your efforts to enhance the capabilities of your organization.