Point One products on GSA AdvantagePoint One Products Now Available on GSA Advantage! through Regulus Global

Point One Products Now Available on GSA Advantage! through Regulus Global

Point One products are now available on GSA Advantage!  through Regulus Global.


EOD Training Kits


EOD Training Kits

Training Kits come preconfigured with realistic and comprehensive componentry to enhance training in all areas of military EOD operations and law enforcement bomb disposal.




Explosives Detection Kits



Package / person / luggage / scene… detect and identify traces of explosives anywhere with Point One’s Explosive Test Kit (ETK). Whether you serve in the military, law enforcement, postal service, TSA, or private security, you can trust in the ETK to quickly and easily detect trace explosives in your world of operations.




Technical Training Systems


Training systems provide the means for practicing when and where you want to keep perishable critical skills—from wire attack to precision disruption—in tact.





EOD Operator Kits


Bomb suit training

Operator kits are purpose-built and packaged ready-to-field with equipment to complement mission sets across the operational spectrum.




Omnidirectional Disruptor


Designed to apply optimum power against lightweight containers to demolish IED circuits, while minimizing shock on sensitive explosives, the Hammer will crush the problem and help your team stay safe.




Hand-packed charges with containers and liners or slider configs, various types


Needle action shot

The Needle reduces physical and explosive weight, provides the EOD Operator options, and applies sound explosive application principles.

  • Apply speed and power to eliminate hazards on the battlefield like submunitions on the runway, bombs on the range or HME charges underground.
  • Use the slider application to create easy-to-place and purpose-built demo charges to eliminate a cache or bulk explosives on target.
  • Render safe exposed fuzes on ordnance items or precisely target a circuit component to render safe a WMD or IED.
  • Carry a few grams instead of a few pounds.






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