Colorimetry Simulant Kit

Colorimetry Simulant Kit


Point One’s Colorimetry Simulant Kit (CSK) is designed to make training with colorimetric explosive detection kits as authentic as possible without the hazards of live explosives. The inert chemicals in the CSK can be used during training events that involve the use of colorimetric explosive detection kits. This helps operators become better acquainted with colorimetric science-based testing protocols such as timing, sample size, and temperature dependence of color changes. The color changes produced when using the CSK chemicals in colorimetric testing are a true mimic, down to same color and consistency of its real-world explosive equivalent.


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CSK features:
  • Explosives or explosive precursors that are simulated include, but are not limited to: DNT, TNT, TNP, RDX, R-Salt, ETN, NC, HMX, PETN, EGDN, NG, AN, KN, KC, HMTD, TATP, MEKP, UN.
  • User can customize the kit to include additional vials of frequently used simulants.
  • The CSK can be used in tandem with Point One Clandestine Laboratories training aids for more realistic training scenarios.
  • The CSK can be used for multiple training events.
  • Includes cotton applicators, wooden spatulas, and plastic pipettes.
  • Works with the Point One Explosives Test Kit.
  • A complete Usage Guide and Quick Reference card are included with every kit.



Colorimetry Simulant Kit Usage Guide sample page:

CSK booklet sample page



Kit contents and quantity:


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