New endeavor: Operation Team RoomOur Latest Endeavor: Operation Team Room

Our Latest Endeavor: Operation Team Room

There is a new side to Point One, our latest endeavor, called Operation Team Room, or OTR for short. OTR is a way for us to continue to give back and share some of our history with a larger audience.

We have spent the last several decades in the defense world. We once directly supported and led combat operations across the globe on active duty in the U.S. Department of Defense and are now a provider of training, services, and products that are designed for military operations, and that will never change.

We are as committed as ever before to preparing and training Warfighters and First Responders for operations in challenging and dangerous environments through a unique approach, forged by members of our team that have worked to solve some of the world’s most difficult tactical, operational, and strategic problems for decades. Everything we have built over the past ten years was designed to help the Warfighter excel in combat and contingency operations and to better equip Public Safety Bomb Techs (PSBTs) for response to dangerous situations that involve IEDs and other explosive hazards. Through all of these experiences we have developed a sense of purpose and commitment that is unwavering as we continue to support the larger EOD, PSBT, and Special Operations communities.

However, we are now branching out into a new part of business to share our experiences during our time in service and post-service about what the team room means to us through the sale of creative and thoughtful merchandise that is sure to get your team room set up for success and years of enjoyment. Barware and bar towels to signage and rugs, unique items with original designs you won’t find anywhere else, you will find at

Beyond the team room, OTR is also bringing many elements of life to our customers to enable you to show off your colors. From t-shirts and water bottles to hats, flags and more, we’ve got you covered!

Soon we will also offer other unique items like explosive artwork and Point One gear to include commercial versions of our tested and trusted tool kits. OTR is just getting started!

Check out our latest endeavor: Operation Team Room, and see if something looks right for you and your team room.