Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Point One is in a unique position to help bridge the gap from the good idea to the hardware phase. We have worked with multiple government, industry and active-duty partners to develop ideas, test, evaluate and characterize, all while engaging the warfighter to ensure a product or tactic is useful on the battlefield.

Our operational background and many years working with science-based industry and partners enable us to well understand how to take technology best suited for pristine environments and adapt it to field conditions. We are able to frame solutions so both, the Warfighter and the science community can relate and work together to improve capability.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Explosive Systems
  • Disruption/Weapons Systems
  • Energetics/Improvised Explosives
  • EOD Tactics and Procedures
  • EOD Systems and Equipment
  • X-ray Equipment and Tactics
  • Diving Systems and Equipment
  • Mine Counter Measures (MCM)
  • Special and Tactical Operations

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