Guam_FTX support contractEODGRU-1 FTX Support Contract awarded to Point One!

EODGRU-1 FTX Support Contract awarded to Point One!

A five-year contract has been awarded to Point One, centered around full-time internal support within each of the west coast mobile units (MU) and Mobile Diving Salvage Unit One (MDSU-1) to provide FTX coordination and support to EODGRU-1.

With EOD leadership redesigning the way FTX events are administered and realigning the platoon tasking, Point One employees will be placed inside MU-1,-3, -5, -11, and MDSU-1, in San Diego, Hawaii, and Guam. Each of the five will work at their assigned unit, and maintain full-time status with their respective unit. Duties include FTX and FEP coordination and execution assistance, training with some ammunition and explosive record keeping, and general duties related to mobile unit training events.

Point One is forging the path to make this solid for the units needing support as soon as possible—each mobile unit now being responsible for a bigger portion of their respective platoons’ certification process and having a bigger burden.

This was Point One’s first win as part of the Navy’s new contract vehicle called Seaport E NexGen and this FTX support contract award is a proud moment in our history of advancing capability!