Fastboat, Navy Special Operations Foundation support picWhy Point One Supports the Navy Special Operations Foundation, Bob Brush Q&A

Why Point One Supports the Navy Special Operations Foundation, Bob Brush Q&A

Recently, the Navy Special Operations Foundation (NSOF) chose to highlight Point One for our support to the Navy Special Operations community. Here is a little of what Bob Brush, President of Point One shared with NSOF in a recent Q&A session:
Point One Trains Warfighters
Q. How does NSOF differ from all the other veteran organizations that seek to help our warriors and their families?

A. While there are many veteran support organizations that do a myriad of important and beneficial things for the veteran community as a whole, the Navy Special Operations Foundation is the only one that I know of that supports Navy EOD Technicians and Navy Divers exclusively. Ironically, whereas NSOF is very focused with their support, the Navy Special Operations community can (and does) work for everybody; they support all four services and NATO in every theater of operations across the globe. NSOF is unique not only for their very specific patronage, but also in their drive to ensure that NSOF families aren’t forgotten after the attention that accompanies tragedy and adversity invariably subsides. With a more focused beneficiary group, NSOF is able to provide more comprehensive and personalized support and assistance to our community.

Q. What is it about NSOF’s mission that resonates with you and inspires you to support?

A. Our world is safer because Navy Special Operations men and women made the choice to serve, because they made the choice to commit to a cause larger than themselves, and because they chose to give all they had to make a difference. In much the same way, the people involved in the Navy Special Operations Foundation have made equal commitments and adopted values and a vision that mirrors what Mitch, Michelle and I have strived to accomplish with Point One. We maintain continuing contact with the NSO community and relentlessly pursue improvement of our training and the support that we give our EOD Operators. We are also honored and fortunate to be able to support the Navy Special Operations Foundation directly with our sponsorship and attendance of the Memorial 5K run, NSOF Annual Gala on both coasts and participation in the Gala auction in Virginia Beach.

You can read all about why Point One trains elite warfighters while supporting NSOF families  and visit the site,