solid foundations— new Point One HQ building update—concreteSolid Foundations for Point One HQ! New Building Update!

Solid Foundations for Point One HQ! New Building Update!

New Point One building update: One solid foundation leads to another!

On Wednesday, the 12th of August 2020, a solid foundation was literally laid, and additional permits were issued this week for the site that will be  Point One operations. What is but cement, water, rock and sand to some is the sign of progress and growth to this company that does not miss the symbolism of this moment. For weeks and months our team has waited and pushed for the arrival of this moment where the lines can now be easily traced by foot on the ground instead of just hand on paper.

Once the concrete cures, the steel frame will be erected next, with the roof, wires, pipes, walls and all the rest that is to follow in the coming months. We are all eagerly awaiting the day in the not so distant future when Team Point One will be conducting business from this site and continuing to lay solid foundations in training, products, and exercise support for our Explosive Ordnance Disposal and bomb squad communities.

We can’t wait to start a new chapter in Point One’s history from within the halls of the new facility in 2021!

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