Explosives test kitPoint One Acquires Pocket ETK, the Trace Explosive Detection Kit of Choice for More Than Ten Years

Point One Acquires Pocket ETK, the Trace Explosive Detection Kit of Choice for More Than Ten Years

Virginia Beach, VA and E. Providence, RI, Jan 03, 2022. Point One USA, LLC and Lindon Group, Inc announced today that Point One has acquired Pocket ETK, a colorimetric explosive test kit designed to detect and identify the full spectrum of explosive groups. The acquisition of this incredible technology capability will continue to accelerate Point One’s capability to train and equip the warfighter and public safety communities.

“Wet Chemistry and the ability to detect trace level explosive materials through their use has been around for many years, but only Pocket ETK has provided a streamlined detection process with superior reliability to the end user for more than a decade. Point One will continue to improve the usability of Pocket ETK while maintaining the superior reliability,” said Bob Brush, President and CEO of Point One. “We are thrilled to have this opportunity and to continue our relationship with Lindon Group and their partners as we work to transition this product into our diverse catalogue of advanced training, operational tools, equipment and training aids.”

“Lindon Group is excited to work with the Point One Team to transition one of our highly successful products to a company that has the ability to touch a larger portion of the industry we designed it to support,” said Mindy Penney, President and CEO of Lindon Group. “As a product development company, Lindon is always looking for the next development challenge. We strive to bridge the gap between concept and finished product. Pocket ETK has been one of our biggest success stories and is ready for the next level. We know Point One can take it there and are certain we found the best company to continue this kits legacy as number one in explosive trace detection.”

The need for reliable explosive detection capability continues as more and more improvised and commercial explosives are used in IEDs across the globe and made in clandestine laboratories. Pocket ETK can detect explosives where other technologies fail; picking up trace quantities on finger tips, clothing, residue on countertops and containers are a few examples of where this technology makes a difference on the battlefield. The technology is safer as well, only needing tiny amounts of material to successfully detect and identify a hazardous explosive material.

Point One and Lindon Defense will work to transition the equipment and product inventory from the Lindon Group facility in E. Providence, RI to Point One’s headquarters located in Virginia Beach, VA over the course of January 2022 and will be ready to start shipping orders to customers by early February 2022.

More information on the Pocket or Full size ETK is available here, or contact us to discuss today.