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Increase HME response capabilities with PSBT HME training! 

Registration is now open for the Virginia Beach course.

The Public Safety Bomb Technician (PSBT) Homemade Explosives (HME) Course—East training session is intended for certified (HDS graduates) public safety bomb technicians to increase operational skills related to a response that involves homemade explosives.

21–24 September 2021 | Virginia Beach, VA

Training session topics:

  • Threat assessment (conventional/HME)
  • Dynamic defeat techniques and tools
  • Principles of HME production
  • more

Travel days:

20 Sep (Mon) & 24 Sep (Fri) after 1600

Training days:

21 Sep (classroom), 22-24 Sep (range) 

All training will be conducted at Point One facilities in Virginia Beach, VA and Carrsville, VA

Reservation deadline: 06 Aug 2021

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