psbt special events supportPSBT Special Event Support

PSBT Special Event Support

psbt special events support

Point One equips and trains public safety bomb technicians for high profile, large crowd, stadium operations and special events with advanced scenarios and realistic devices.

Point One specializes in public safety bomb tech (PSBT) special event support, provides practical and exercise-based special event training, develops scenarios, and builds threat representative, x-ray correct training aids that will ensure your team is best prepared should an explosive threat occur.

Point One has prepared some of the nation’s finest to overcome challenges in advance of high profile special events.

Noteworthy organizations and events include:

  • The state of Georgia Joint Hazard Response Team training for Superbowl LIII at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia;
  • Federal & local first responders in exercise at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Virginia;
  • Multi-nation EOD training exercises for the U.S. Navy, Santa Rita, Guam;

and many more.

It is, unfortunately, an all too common occurrence that Public Safety Bomb Technicians (PSBT) are rebuffed in their efforts to obtain training and equipment needed to safely accomplish their mission due to lack of available funding. This is precisely why the Department of Homeland Security’s preparedness grants were created. This money is available to provide domestic and international counter-terrorism training to PSBTs, and our subject matter expert, Mike Clayton, can provide you with more information on proposal submission for federal funding for counter-terrorism training. As the State Bomb Squad Commander and certified Tactical Bomb Technician, Mike understands the value of specialized training and equipment and of the funding required to make them both happen. From 2007 to 2019, he secured in the area of $10 million utilizing DHS preparedness grants. This money was used to provide annual training and equipment to every bomb technician across the state of Georgia.

If you need support for a public safety bomb tech training exercise or a PSBT special event, or have questions for Mike regarding funding for training or equipment, contact us.