ROCkin’ Improvements

ROCkin’ Improvements

sand barricade around each detonation sitePoint One’s new range, Range One Complex (ROC), takes better shape as time goes on with the latest improvements realized to include a smoothed-out floor inside our explosive prep area and some creature comforts like heating on those cold winter days. We also put some time and money into better power management throughout the range building to help with efficiency at lab benches. Our biggest accomplishment though is further reducing sound at the property line following an explosion by constructing a tighter sand barricade that surrounds each detonation area.Weather has a huge impact on how sound travels, and we are sensitive to the fact that our friends and neighbors in the area do not appreciate a sudden noise in the distance. So to further reduce any impact our work may have on the surrounding population, we have worked very hard to conceive and construct a simple sand enclosure that has proved very successful for further noise mitigation purposes. The sand enclosure removes some of the uncontrollable weather factors, like cold and cloudy conditions we have to work with in Virginia, by shrinking down the barricade around the detonations, thus allowing us to control sound better, no matter what kind of weather is happening on a range day.


sound measurement at Walters Highway and Burdette Road

Previously our sound level at the property line ranged from 71-73 dB and with the sound barrier in place it now ranges from 65-68 dB at the property line. At the crossroad of Walters highway and Burdette road, it measured 60-61 dB consistently when detonations were made. This reduction is enormous in the world of sound and we are very proud of our teammates who worked through extremely arduous conditions during the cold and rainy days of February to ensure our neighbors hear almost nothing now when we are utilizing the range.

We have also added a range calendar to the website so interested neighbors can view the days and timeframe we plan to conduct range detonations. We hope this will eliminate some of the unawareness of the work taking place and help keep our neighbors better informed. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with our neighbors in the Carrsville area as we continue to provide the world’s best operational training to our nation’s finest military and first responders.

Bravo Zulu to each of the men who made this happen!