Point One Proudly Supports the Bomb Suit Ride Across America: Raising Awareness and Funds for the EOD Warrior Foundation

Point One Proudly Supports the Bomb Suit Ride Across America: Raising Awareness and Funds for the EOD Warrior Foundation

Point One is proud to support Bobby Klepper, retired Virginia State Police Bomb Technician, traveling across the United States from Virginia Beach to San Diego on his Harley Davidson motorcycle wearing a bomb suit in this “Ride Across America”, a fundraiser benefitting the EOD Warrior Foundation (EODWF).

Bobby Klepper is 34-year veteran with the state police and has over 30 years in the EOD community as he embarks on this challenge, as he puts it, to “show respect and to help my EOD brothers and sisters… to raise awareness and funds for this worthy organization and to draw attention to the dangerous job that EOD technicians do every day”.

Point One is a Master EOD sponsor of this event and assisting with a cookout celebration at the end of the ride. In addition, we are so proud of our very own Point One co-founder and co-owner, Mitch Hovenga (pictured right, front), who will be riding along with Bobby on a portion of the ride to San Diego.

The cross-country journey occurring November 1st–November 15th, 2015, will require numerous stops and will take approximately 15 days. One stop will be at the EOD Memorial Wall at Eglin Air Force Base in FL November 6th to conduct a wreath laying ceremony in honor of the 314 military EOD warriors who have died while carrying out an EOD mission since WWII. Veterans Day will be celebrated in Albuquerque, NM before hitting a couple of cities in AZ on the 13th of November. He will be met by EOD families, law enforcement officials and friends at the Finish Celebration, a public party to take place November 15th in San Diego California, for which Point One will be assisting with the cookout at Strategic Operations (4705 Ruffin Road, San Diego, CA).

EODWF is a 501c3 organization that serves the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Community by providing assistance to active-duty wounded, injured or ill warriors, wounded veterans and their families, and families of fallen warriors. The organization also maintains the EOD Memorial Wall in honor of fallen EOD warriors. The Foundation believes the EOD family is for life and is committed to providing the necessary assistance and ongoing support to military families stationed around the world. See more at: http://www.eodwarriorfoundation.org/blog/bomb-suit-ride-across-america-raising-awareness-and-funds-for-the-eod-warrior-foundation#sthash.3cm1V2LK.dpuf

We wish Bobby, Mitch, and the whole team safe travels on the”long ride” and we look forward to celebrating together in San Diego!