IABTI & BTMF Tech Partner Display P1 boothPoint One at IABTI and BTMF Technology Partner Display and Social Event

Point One at IABTI and BTMF Technology Partner Display and Social Event

Point One at IABTI and BTMF Technology Partner Display and Social event was amongst some of our nation’s finest in Huntsville, Alabama, May 2nd & 3rd, 2022 as we caught up with public service associates and shared some of our latest achievements with our audience. Happy to be back in Huntsville for the two night event, we discussed our latest dynamic defeat tools such as the Point One Hammer and Needle, a better way to pack and employ explosive tools, which are absolute necessities to ensure success in the IED-laden world in which we live today.

Other solutions were shared with bomb squad commanders— the 
Colorimetry Simulant Kit (CSK) amongst them and is also another of our latest products. The CSK is designed to make training with colorimetric explosive detection kits as authentic as possible without the hazards of live explosives. Helping bomb techs and operators learn colorimetric-science based testing protocols, the kit helps them become better acquainted on timing, sample size, and temperature dependence of color changes. The CSK works with the Point One Explosives Test Kit (ETK), which can identify suspicious substances such as liquids, powders and solids, as well as reveal traces of explosives on items and individuals. Paired with the Pocket ETK FS, the CSK is a game-changer for colorimetric testing training, with true-mimic of color and consistency of real-world explosive equivalents. 

Rigging and Extraction Kit, the First Line Kit, and an example from each of our new lines of products—Foreign Government Weapon Systems Submunitions and the Low Frag Training Ordnance Submunitions—were also on display, accompanied by literature and media featuring the greatest quality tools and training aids for which Point One is known as providing.

The event held at the Huntsville Marriott at the Space & Rocket Center was a good effort with great results in bridging the gap between the challenges of bomb disposal with new, effective and safe solutions. The IABTI and BTMF event is that great meet-up point for products made better every day through the partnership of industry and actual consumers of newly-conceived and developed tools. We are honored to have been again alongside the boys in blue and look forward to the next event with public safety bomb squad commanders, technicians and operators as we advance capability.