How We Support Veteran-Owned Companies at Christmastime

How We Support Veteran-Owned Companies at Christmastime

Being a veteran-owned small business, Point One understands what it means to support service members and their families. In addition to the financial support we provide to non-profits throughout the year for their support to veterans and their families, Point One chose to shop Black Rifle Coffee Company, Sword and Plough, and Milspin for Christmas gifts for Point One employees this year. The three businesses provide awesome products and incredible customer service.

Thanks to the increased number of patriots supporting veteran-owned businesses this year, the companies experienced high demand (per their website messages setting expectations that orders could arrive after Christmas even though orders were placed well before), but with some rush production time and expedited shipping, the fresh-off-the-press (so-to-speak) products made it just in time for us to bag and tag each gift. One company in particular, we were told, could make our order happen on-time because they could hire more machinists to churn out our customized product! So the money they receive from the products we were buying could go right back into the business and employee more people—and we loved hearing that!

The awesome swag, which shall remain unspecified at this time due to all holiday festivities not having commenced for our San Diego office, from veteran-owned American companies, was top-notch quality. Leadership did a great job in picking out our goodies, choosing the venues for our team events, and showing all a great time here on the East Coast. Our pictures to prove it (sans the gifts so as to not give anything away):



Thanks to the veteran-owned businesses that churned out great gifts for our awesome employees and the local businesses that hosted us, we can look back on the East Coast Christmas event as a truly enjoyable one. And while it may be back to business as usual for us here on the East Cast, the West Coast Point One guys still have the pleasure of their after-Christmas event to which to look forward.

Cheers to the owners, Bob, Michelle, and Mitch, for the thought and effort you put into not just our gifts and fun events, but the everyday care you show, making sure this veteran-owned business takes care of its own, so we can keep providing extremely valuable products and services to the market that needs it!

We all joyfully look forward to another great year of Advancing Capability.